ESL Topics: Appearance


1.) What type of woman/man are you physically attracted to?

My ideal woman would definitely be tall, with great legs and a beautiful smile. I also love a woman with a great laugh.

2.) What's the first thing you notice on a man/woman?

The first thing I notice about a man are his shoulders. I'm a sucker for a man with broad shoulders. I also love a man who walks with confidence, so posture is also something I notice right away about a man.

3.) Who do you take after in your family, regarding appearance?

I would have to say I take after my father. We both share the same nose and eyes. I don't resemble my mother at all actually.

4.) What is your best physical attribute?

People tell me my best physical trait is my beautiful smile. However, I tend to think my but gets a lot of looks. Men are always checking me out.

A picture of a beautiful korean woman


1.) What are some things you find to be a turn-off?

The biggest turn off for me is men who smoke. The stench and yellow teeth are a real turn off. I also don't like men who are bald or have receding hairlines. I'm also not a fan of chubby guys. I find muscular men to be a real turn on.

2.) How important is appearance when looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

There must be some chemistry right off the bat. Even if someone has a good heart and is kind; if I don't find them attractive I can't pursue a relationship with them.

3.) Do you prefer a woman who dresses provocative or conservative?

It really depends on the occasion. If it's the weekend and we are out for a drink, I would love her to dress very sexy and provocative. But, if she is not with me I'd rather have her dressing casual or conservative. I wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression of my girlfriend.

4.) What is your opinion on body modification?

In my culture it's quite the norm. However, my parent's are from a different generation. So tattoos and lots of piercings are definitely taboo. I don't mind if my girlfriend had a couple tattoos but I don't like it when it's over the top.


1.) Do you think there is a relation or a connection between beauty and power?

That's not easy to answer. Of course there are some really powerful people who I find absolutely repulsive. But some men who I think are just average looking who have a lot of confidence can be really attractive. They emit a certain energy that is really appealing.

2.) Do you think there are any big differences in beauty standards between Western cultures and Eastern cultures?

Some people would argue that Eastern cultures have an obsession with fair skin. Very white skin is seen as attractive and beautiful. Whereas tanned or darker skin, while still beautiful is not as desirable. Also, western women really love men to be muscular and athletic. While Eastern women just want a man who's fit.

3.) What areas of your body do you try to accentuate with makeup or clothes?

I try to accentuate my eyes with makeup by making them bigger with mascara and eyeliner.

4.) Do you consider yourself to be photogenic? Are you constantly taking selfies?

Yes, I am quite photogenic. However, I am not a fan of selfies. I think it is starting to get out of hand, especially among teens, and young adults.

5.) Do you think symmetry plays an important part in someone's appearance to be considered beautiful?

Yes, obviously having a symmetrical face is beautiful and helps illustrate balance. But I think having distinct facial features also show character and make people stand out.


  • Ideal: Exactly right for a particular purpose. "Mountain bikes are ideal for rough terrain."
  • I'm a sucker for: Means you are easily taken in; Something you really like. "My girlfriend is a sucker for broad shoulders."
  • I take after: Means you inherited a trait from your mother or father. "I take after my mother when it comes to personality."
  • Physical attribute: Defining features about your face or body.
  • Turn-off: Something you find unappealing about someone. "His smoking is a real turn-off."
  • Receding hairline: Hair loss starting at the forehead. "His receding hairline makes him appear older than he really is."
  • Chemistry: When two people share a special connection. "He was nice but we had no chemistry."
  • Provocative: Creating sexual desire or interest. " She always dresses provocative when she goes out on Saturday nights."
  • Conservative: Dressing professional, not flashy. "Please try to dress conservative to work please."
  • Body modification: To change your body (tattoos, piercings).
  • Repulsive: Something you find incredibly disgusting. "His constant swearing is repulsive."
  • Emit: To send or give off a type of energy.
  • Fair skin: Someone whose skin is very white.
  • Accentuate: To make more noticeable or prominent. "That dress really accentuates your hips."
  • Photogenic: Someone who naturally looks well in photographs. "I wish I was as photogenic as you!"
  • A fan of: Something you like or are interested in. "I've always been a fan of Tiger Woods."
  • Get out of hand: When a situation can no longer be controlled. "Childhood obesity is getting out of hand."
  • Symmetry: Means something is arranged or set in perfect proportions and balance.
  • Distinct: Recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type. "She has a very distinct voice, it's beautiful."
  • Stand out: A person or thing that is better or more important than the others in a group. "He really stands out compared to the otehr applicants."

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "He/She has a big mouth.": Someone who can't keep a secret.

"I can't stand Sung-Jin and his big mouth."

2.) "Can't stand": Someone or something you strongly dislike.

"I can't stand people who smoke in public places."

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