ESL Topics: Business


1.) What do you do for a living? What is your job? What do you do? What is your occupation? What is your profession? (All four questions have the same meaning.)

I work in the field of education, as an English teacher.

2.) Does the company you work for have an international presence?

No, Unfortunately at the moment our company only does business within South Korea. We aim to enter the Chinese market within the upcoming months.

3.) Have you ever considered being an entrepreneur? What are some ideas you've come up with for a business?

I always wanted to start my own interior design company. I feel like I have a knack for design and organizing things.


1.) Is there any particular company you would like to be a part of? Why?

None in particular, although I've always had a desire to work for an international company as opposed to a Korean company because of the harsh working environments that Korean companies impose on their workforce.

2.) What are some important certificates or skills you have? What did you major in?

I am certified in Microsoft software, and I graduated from Seoul National University in Business Management.

3.) Would you prefer an occupation where you work alone or as a part of a group on a team?

I've always felt more comfortable working as a part of a team. By brainstorming we can solve problems and create solutions faster.

4.) How important is getting promoted to you? What is most important to you salary or time off from work?


1.) What is your area of expertise? What are you responsible for at your work?

My area of expertise is customer service. People tend to find me very easygoing. So I'm often asked to meet with clients and work out the fine details of the contracts. I have quite a few responsibilities within the company. I take care of recruiting new clients, training new employees, and updating the accounts.

2.) Do you feel your job will be expendable in the future? Or do you feel your position will be secure for many years to come.

As long as I stay at the top of my trade and develop my skills I think my position will be pretty secure. However, I regret not pursuing a position in the government that offers more security and room for growth.

3.) How does your current employer motivate you? Does your company offer any incentives?

My boss always has something encouraging to say and tends to never criticize me publicly. He has a unique motto: "Praise in public, and criticize in private."

4.) What company do you feel is very innovative? Why?

Personally, Tesla is an innovative company. Elon Musk is a great Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), and a great visionary.


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer in column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.) aim a.) creative
2.) knack b.) self-made businessman
3.) brainstorming c.) newest technology
4.) visionary d.) leader
5.) innovative e.) old
6.) expendable f.) going after
7.) pursuing g.) goal
8.) entrepreneur h.) good at
9.) outdated i.) thinking together
10.) top of the line j.) replaceable


  • International presence: Offering a product or service worldwide. "Samsung improved their international presence when they began advertising in the Olympics."
  • Aim: Have the intention of achieving. "I aim to become the best English speaker possible."
  • Entrepreneur: An individual who starts who own company and takes on the risk. "My father was an entrepreneur when he began his bakery."
  • Knack: A natural talent or ability at something. "My daughter has a knack for the piano."
  • Be a part of: To be a member of a group or company. "I would love to be a part of Samsung's research and development team."
  • Harsh: Cruel or severe. "Being a student in South Korea requires a harsh amount of studying and attending academies."
  • Brainstorming: Produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion. "Our engineering team managed to find a solution by brainstorming into the early morning."
  • Promote: Advance or raise (someone) to a higher position or rank. "Our company prefers to promote younger workers who are more innovative in the field."
  • Expertise: Something you specialize in. "My degree is in business, but my expertise is accounting."
  • Expendable: Easy to replace and not very valuable overall. "Fast food workers tend to be expendable."
  • Pursue: To follow after something (an idea, dream, person, thing, etc.) "I am currently pursuing a profession in aviation."
  • Incentives: A way to motivate you to do something. "Our company has many incentives for its top workers, including bonuses and trips overseas."
  • Innovative: Introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking. "Apple used to be a leader in technological innovation."
  • Visionary: A person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. "Tim Cook, Apples new CEO is not the visionary Steve Jobs was."

Daily Expressions, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms:

1.)"Top of the line": A product that includes or has the latest technology.

"Samsung Galaxy S7 offers top of the line components and features."

2.) Outdated: Technology or software that is no longer considered to be the fastest or best.

"Samsung Galaxy S6, while still a good phone, is considered to be quite outdated when compared to its successor, the Galaxy S7."

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