ESL Topics: Coffee

Sample Questions & Answers:


1.) Do you like coffee? / Do you enjoy coffee? / Are you a big coffee drinker? / Do you love coffee? / Are you a fan of coffee?

I have a cup of java first thing in the morning. So, yes. I love coffee.

2.) Do you drink coffee at home or do you always stop by a cafe?

Due to my hectic schedule I usually always grab a coffee while on the run. The only coffee I drink at home is in the morning.

3.) Do you brew your own coffee at home or do you mix instant coffee?

When I'm out of options I'll make a cup of instant coffee. However, I'd much rather brew a pot of coffee at home.

4.) What is your favorite type of coffee?

I drink my coffee black. Sometime I'll add two sugar and two cream if it's really bitter.

5.) Does caffeine keep you up at night? Does coffee give you a noticeable boost?

If I drink more than a few coffees within an hour I get the jitters. So yeah it hits me pretty hard.

6.) Do you drink any other caffeinated beverages?

I enjoy diet coke with my meals, especially dinner. I'm not a big tea drinker, unless of course I'm under the weather.


1.) How do you take your coffee? (This is a common way of asking someone if they want anything added to their coffee. )

I'll have a double-double. (A double-double is a common way in Canada to ask for double sugar and double cream. There is also a triple-triple.)

2.) How many cups of coffee do you drink throughout the day?

I usually drink three cups of coffee throughout the day. If I'm overworked I might polish off a few more cups than usual.

3.) Do you crave your morning coffee?

Absolutely! The only thing I crave more than my morning coffee is my morning cigarette. I have a tendency to enjoy the two of them together, as they go hand in hand.


1.) Do you prefer franchise coffee shops or "mom and pop" coffee shops? Why?

I find "mom and pop" coffee shops to be much more cozy and unique. The service is also of a much higher standard. So while I am in my neighborhood, I tend to go to "mom and pop" cafe's. However, if I am on the go and need a coffee quick and hassle free I tend to go to a franchise shop. I'm a big fan of Starbucks.

2.) How much is too much for a cup of coffee?

If I am with a group, I don't mind spending a little more and sitting down and enjoying the atmosphere. In these situations I don't mind spending a little more for coffee and cake, usually around ten dollars. If I'm grabbing a coffee on the go I don't like to spend more than a couple bucks.

3.) What is your favorite style of coffee?

Hands down, cafe latte is by far my favorite coffee.

4.) What beverage do you prefer while eating? How about after meals?

I love Coke. Especially diet coke while I'm eating. After meals with cake I prefer milk, coffee or both.


Remember: The drink Coke is often mispronounced by Koreans. It is pronounced C-o-ke; with a strong "o" sound. It is not pronounced C-Aw-ke. If you put an "a" sound instead of an "o" sound you are actually saying an English slang word for penis. Which can be incredibly embarrassing. Be careful, you've been warned.


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer in column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.) java a.) acting nervous or shaking
2.) hectic b.) to completely finish eating or drinking something
3.) caffeinated c.) something you have a strong desire for.
4.) jitters d.) very busy
5.) "polish off" e.) slang for coffee
6.) crave f.) includes caffeine
7.) tendency g.) inclination
8.) "hand in hand" h.) comfortable and relaxing
9.) cozy i.) very active or busy
10.) "on the go" j.) complement


1.) Where's the cheapest place to get a cup of coffee in your neighborhood?

2.) Can you "polish off" a whole pizza? How many slices can you eat?

3.) Do you have a tendency to use coffee as a way to stay awake?

4.) What are you craving to eat right now?

5.) What goes hand in hand with coffee?

6.) What public place do you think is the most coziest? Why?

7.) What snack do you usually eat when you are on the go?

8.) Aside from coffee, what else can you do to give yourself a boost?

9.) Would you ever consider opening your own "mom and pop" shop?


  • java: Slang for coffee. "Can I get a cup of java to go please?"
  • hectic: To be very busy. "Running my own coffee shop has led to a hectic lifestyle."
  • jitters: To be nervous or shaky. "I always get the jitters when I give a presentation. Drinking all this coffee doesn't help either."
  • caffeinated: A drink that included caffeine. "Can I get a cup of decaffeinated coffee please."
  • "polish-off": To completely finish something. "I can't believe he polished off that whole pizza in 10 minutes."
  • crave: Something you have a strong desire for all of a sudden. "I always crave fried chicken on the weekends. I can't explain it!"
  • tendency: An inclination towards doing something. "I have a tendency to smoke a lot during exam period."
  • "hand in hand": Two or more things that complement each other well. "Chicken and beer go hand in hand."
  • "mom and pop shop": A business that is independently owned and operated. "There is a great mom and pop fish and chips restaurant around the corners. Lets grab something to eat?"
  • cozy: very comfortable and warm. "That coffee shop is so personal and cozy, next time I visit remind me to bring my camera."
  • "on the go": Very active or busy. "We have been busy all night. Our delivery man has been on the go all night."
  • hassle: An inconvenience. "Working weekends is such a hassle."
  • "hands down": Easily; unquestionably. "McDonalds is hands down the most famous fast food restaurant in the world."

Daily Expressions, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms:

1.) "on the house": Means free of charge.

"The owner was a kind man; he gave us coffee and dessert on the house."

2.) "In layman's terms": Not using complex words or explanations.

"I don't understand computers well. Can you explain it to me one more time in layman's terms?"

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