ESL Topics: Exercise & Sports


1.) What's your favorite sport?

My favorite sport has always been soccer.

2.) What's the most popular sport in your country?

I'd have to say the most popular sport in South Korea is baseball, but times are changing and soccer is catching up.

3.) Are you in good shape?

I think I'm in good shape, but my girlfriend thinks I'm starting to get chubby.

4.) Do you watch sports?

I follow baseball. I'm a huge fan of the Toronto Blue Jays.

5.) Have you ever attended a live sporting event?

I've only watched televised sports. I've never had the opportunity to attend a live sporting event.

6.) Can you swim?

Yes, I learned to swim when I was young.

7.) Would you rather go swimming or play soccer?

I'd rather go for a swim than play soccer, since swimming is definitely more relaxing and less strenuous.

8.) Do you watch the Olympics? Do you root for your country?

I prefer the summer Olympics over the winter Olympics. Of course I'm rooting for my home country!


1.) Do you play sports? Do you exercise?

I don't play sports anymore. I used to play soccer. Now, I just exercise for my health. I lift weights five times a week, and I do cardio on a daily basis.

2.) When you played soccer did you play recreationally or competitively?

I played recreationally with friends after school. I never played on a league. I'm not really a competitive person.

3.) Do you warm-up and stretch before exercising?

I don't want to pull a muscle so I always stretch before lifting weights. However, over the years, I've lost most of my flexibility.

4.) Do you find athletic women attractive?

Since I exercise, dating someone who is fit is important to me. My girlfriend does yoga regularly and she also does Pilates once in a while.


1.) What sport or activity is associated with the affluent people in your country?

Golf is often associated with the upper class in South Korea. Businessmen tend to negotiate deals while on the greens. It's a good sport to practice if business is in your future.

2.) Do you have good hand-eye co-ordination?

I played soccer and baseball when I was young so I have good co-ordination. My sister on the other hand has terrible co-ordination

3.) What exercises are growing in popularity in your country?

Yoga has been growing in popularity lately, especially hot yoga. Hot yoga is regular yoga done in a much hotter room, which is supposed to increase flexibility and burn more calories.


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer in column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.) I'd have to say a.) a team or person you cheer for
2.) catching up b.) very difficult
3.) chubby c.) to injury yourself
4.) I follow _____ d.) nice body
5.) strenuous e.) something you watch regularly
6.) root for f.) rich
7.) cardio g.) a little bit overweight
8.) affluent h.) to reach the same standard
9.) fit i.) in my opinion
10.) pull a muscle j.) exercises that make you heart beat fast


1.) Do you do any cardio for your health? If so, what types of cardio do you do?

2.) Tell me something you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

3.) What is something you have done competitively? Did you win?

4.) What television shows are you currently following?

5.) If you were an affluent member of society what activity or hobby would you pick up?

6.) What sports or games did you used to play with friends and family?

7.) Which baseball team would you say is most likely to win the championships this season?

8.) Are you rooting for any sporting teams or athletes? If so, why?


  • "I'd have to say": Another way of saying "In my opinion." I'd have to say IU is prettier than Kim Yuna.
  • "catching up": To reach your competitors level or standard. "Lebron James is still the best, but Stephan Curry is starting to catch up."
  • chubby: Slightly overweight. "You're starting to get chubby. Keep eating like that and you'll quickly become obese."
  • "I follow ______": An expression that means you watch something regularly, usually referring to sports or a television show. "I love baseball. I follow the Hanwa Eagles."
  • strenuous: Requires a lot of physical effort and work. "Picking apples at my uncles house every fall is really strenuous work."
  • "root for": A team/person you hope will win, and that you cheer for. "I always root for Canada in the Winter Olympics." "I didn't know you follow soccer. Who are you rooting for this World Cup?"
  • "used to": From your past that you no longer do. "I used to live in Canada. Now I live in South Korea."
  • cardio: An exercise/activity that gets your heart beating fast. "I usually swim for cardio, since I have ankle problems." "I need to lose weight, but I hate doing cardio."
  • "daily basis": Everyday. We can also say weekly basis, monthly basis, and yearly/annual basis. "I stretch on a daily basis and get a massage on a weekly basis."
  • recreationally: An activity/game/sport you do where winning is not important. Having fun is the main purpose. "I used to be very competitive, but now I just play tennis recreationally."
  • competitively: A game/activity/sport where winning is very important. Winning is the main purpose. "I don't enjoy playing baseball on a league it's too competitive. I prefer playing recreationally with my friends."
  • warm(ing)-up: Athletes, musicians, and singers usually warm up to prevent injury and prepare themselves for a performance or game. "I warm up by stretching and jogging a few laps before racing competitively." "I'll be ready in five minutes, I just need to warm-up."
  • "pull a muscle": Also referred to as a strain. It's when you tear your muscle fibers as a result of over stretching. I won't be able to play in tomorrows game, since I pulled a muscle in my back."
  • flexible: Being able to stretch and bend with ease without suffering any pain. "Flexibility is important in Taekwondo." "She is very flexible for someone who doesn't play sports or do any exercise."
  • athletic: Someone is active and stronger than the average person. "I've always been very athletic. I've played sports since I was a kid." "Are you sure he's good at baseball? He doesn't look very athletic"
  • fit: Slang for someone with a nice body; can be used for both men and women. "I always see her at the gym, she's really fit."

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "My _____ fell asleep." When a part of your body does not have proper blood flow and feels numb.

"I can't sit with my legs crossed for too long otherwise my leg falls asleep." "I hate eating in Korean or Japanese restaurants on the floor because my legs always fall asleep."

2.) "tie-game/draw" When the time in a game runs out and both teams have the same score. We say "nil-nil" if the game is over and both teams have zero points.

"After 90 minutes of gameplay the game ended in a tie at nil-nil."

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