ESL Topics: Hobbies & Interests


1.) What are you interested in? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? (All three questions basically mean the same thing.)

"I'm obsessed with Japanese animation. My friends tease me a lot about it."

2.) What do you do in your free time?

"I love watching animation and downloading comics books. I collect everything related to Naruto."

3.) What are most people in your age group interested in?

"I'd have to say most people in my age group are interested in watching videos online at sites like Youtube and Afreecatv."

4.) How long have your been watching animation for?

I've been watching animation for over ten years. "I've seen every episode of Naruto from every season. I also love watching Naruto reruns."

5.) What hobbies or interests did you used to have? Why do you think you grew out of it?

"I was an avid reader when I was younger. I guess I grew out of it because I didn't like being trapped up indoors."

6.) Are there any hobbies you would like to explore in the future?

"When I am financially stable, I'd like to try deep sea fishing. I'd love to own my own fishing boat one day."


1.) What are some interests or hobbies that are often associated with wealthy people?

"That's hard to say since I don't interact with people from those circles."

2.) What are some hobbies or activities that people with limited income can enjoy in their free time?

"Korea has many great bike trails and hiking trails to enjoy for free or at a very affordable price."

3.) Tell me about some cool places to hang out and kill some time. Why is it cool?

"My city has a popular district associated with university and college students. It's popular because you can get some good food at a good price and find some really cozy bars that offer a wide variety of draft beer."

A photo of a South Korean man cycling in the summer by yeouido in Seoul.


1.) Do you have an artistic side? Are you musically inclined?

I have no inclination towards music, due to my stubby fingers.

2.) Some people love arts and crafts. How is your handwriting? Have you ever tried calligraphy?

I have excellent penmanship. However, no one really writes letters anymore.

3.) While many people don't have hobbies they are active within their community. Are you a member of any clubs or programs? Do you volunteer?

I volunteer at an orphanage several times a month and I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. I think helping people comes first.


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer in column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.)obsessed a.) thick and short
2.) stubby b.) has money
3.) district c.) warm and comfortable
4.) calligraphy d.) always thinking about
5.) hard to say e.) spend time with
6.) financially stable f.) laugh at someone
7.) cozy g.) can't decide, not sure
8.) hang out h.) handwriting
9.) tease i.) enthusiastic
10.) avid j.) neighborhood


1.) Were you ever teased while growing up? What were you teased about?

2.) What is a popular district in your city for artistic people?

3.) Where do you usually hang out with friends?

4.) Are you financially stable or on a limited income?

5.) What interests do you share with your friends? Do you have any hobbies that you do alone?

6.) Are you good with crafts? Do you make anything?

7.) Do any of your circles of friends overlap?

8.) What hobby did you grow out of? Would you like to get back into it?


  • obsessed: To spend too much time thinking about or worrying about something. "Every time I see him he is talking about StarCraft. I'm starting to worry about his obsession." "My little sister is obsessed with Justine Bieber, she's got a ton of posters on her wall of him."
  • tease: To playfully make fun of someone. Usually not serious. "Everyone constantly teases my because my Korean is terrible and I've been living in South Korea for five years now." "Everyone has been teasing me since I put on five kilograms."
  • episode: An installment of a television show. There are usually 10-12 episodes per season. "Do you want to watch the new episode of Show Me The Money this Friday at Sumi's house?"
  • season: All the episodes of a television show combined each year make one season. "Most K-drama's only have 12 episodes per season." "I downloaded the latest season of Modern Family."
  • reruns: A television episode that has already been on air. Not a new episode. "I love watching reruns of Naruto with my little cousin."
  • district: Another word for area or region. "Hongdae has a popular clubbing district." "Insadong is a popular district for tourists."
  • "grew/grow out of": Something you are no longer interested in. "I loved playing with trains when I was young but I grew out of it when I started middle school."
  • avid: To be really interested in an activity or hobby. "She is an avid photographer."
  • financially stable: Someone who doesn't need to worry about money. "I need to find a man who is financially stable and get married."
  • "hard to say": Difficult to form an opinion. "It's hard to say who the prettiest women in South Korea is." "Both Samsung S7 and IPhone 6S are good phones, it's hard to say which one is better."
  • circles: Groups of people that are separated by social status, age, interests, etc.. "I have two circles of friends, my college buddies and my co-workers."
  • limited income: Someone who has to manage their money efficiently to live. People with a limited income often live paycheck to paycheck. "I'd love to travel more but since I have a limited income it's just not possible at the moment."
  • "hang out": Socializing with friends. "We should hang out sometime this weekend." "I don't get to hang out with my friends as often as I'd like since I got married."
  • cozy: A comfortable unique place that reminds someone of home. Can be used to describe places and even clothes. "I found a really small cozy cafe nearby my university." "I need to buy a casual, cozy sweater to wear around the house."
  • artistic: Someone who is naturally creative. "My youngest son is quite artistic but terrible with numbers."
  • musically inclined: To naturally have musical talent. "I don't have to push my daughter to practice the piano she loves it, not only that she is musically inclined so maybe she can have a future in music."
  • stubby: To be thick and short. "I quit playing the guitar due to my stubby fingers."
  • calligraphy: Stylish handwriting, usually done with a fountain pen. "My grandmothers calligraphy is beautiful."
  • orphanage:A large home for children with no parents. "I never met my parents, my earliest memories were all at the state run orphanage."

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "bring up": To discuss something specific with someone.

"Remind me to bring up the total costs for this months travel expenses." "I'll bring it up with my Mom next time I see her."

2.) "missed the boat": An opportunity you failed to take that is no longer available.

"Do you think I can still apply for that position at work?" "I'm pretty sure you missed the boat on that one..."

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