Common English Patterns: Part 3

Difficulty Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Here is the third part of a collection of commonly used English patterns that will help you break away from basic English and help you sound more natural in your English speaking.

1.) If there's one thing that I ~ , it's ~

This common English pattern is used to express how a certain action always makes you feel.

a.) If there's one thing that I hate, it's people who smoke in public places.

b.) If there's one thing I love in the morning, it's a warm cup of cafe latte.

c.) If there's one thing I really hate about English, it's grammar.

d.)If there's one thing that really interests me, it's Korean culture.

2.) If it hadn't been for~ / If it wasn't for ~

We use this English pattern to say how something wouldn't have taken place without the certain circumstance.

a.) If it hadn't been for my professors recommendation, I would still be looking for a job.

b.) If it hadn't been for my best friends support, I'd still be depressed about losing my girlfriend.

c.) If it wasn't for my grandma, I wouldn't have developed a passion for gardening.

d.) If it wasn't for Canada, my children wouldn't have so many opportunities.

3.) I'd rather~ than~

We use this English pattern when we want to show a preference of one option over another.

a.) I'd rather eat fried chicken tonight, than sushi.

b.) I'd rather spend the weekend in Seoul than go to Busan.

c.) I'd much rather date Jay more than Ryan, because Jay is a young outgoing teenager.

d.) I'd really much rather work weeknights, rather than mornings because I'm more of a night owl.

4.) There is nothing as~ as~

We use this English pattern to express what some of the best feelings we experience are.

a.) There is nothing as satisfying as sleeping in on the weekends.

b.) There is nothing as emotional as holding your newborn child.

c.) There is nothing as breathtaking as watching a summer sunset with someone you love.

d.) There is nothing as delicious as a homemade meal from grandma.


Answer the questions with full sentences. Try to use the common English pattern recommended at the beginning of the question.

  • 1.) Pattern #1: What is something that really gets under your skin?
  • 2.) Pattern #1: What's something one of your friends does that you really appreciate?
  • 3.) Pattern #2: Who influenced you the most while growing up? Why?
  • 4.) Pattern #3: Would you rather visit Shanghai or Hong Kong? Why?
  • 5.) Pattern #3: Would you consider living overseas? Why?
  • 6.) Pattern #3: Have you thought about buying a car? Would you prefer buying a SUV or a compact car?
  • 7.) Pattern #4: What's the most satisfying feeling during the summer? Why?
  • 8.) Pattern #4 : What is something new that you tried that really surprised you?

Daily Expressions, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms:

1.) "Tell-tale sign": A signal or indicator when something is about to happen, or is taking place.

"When my boss smokes cigarettes like crazy, it's a tell-tale sign he's under a lot of stress." "When my girlfriend avoids eye-contact with me it's a tell-tale sign she is lying to me."

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