Role-Playing #1

Difficulty Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Role-playing: An activity in which people do and say things while pretending to be someone else or while pretending to be in a particular situation.

Try your best to keep a straight face and maintain your composure. Try to keep the dialogue going for as long as you can.

Role-playing Scenarios:

1.) Your close friend has decided to get plastic surgery, and has asked you for some advice. Convince them that it is a bad idea, and that they are already beautiful.

Person #1: Wants plastic surgery.

Person #2: Convince them otherwise.


Tips for Person #1: 1.) You never felt beautiful. 2.) It may help your career. 3.) Everyone else you know who had surgery had good results.

Tips for Person #2: 1.) I always thought you were very... 2.) Why the drastic decision all of a sudden? 3.) Who planted this idea in your head? 4.) Health risks associated with surgery. 5.) It's too expensive. 6.) It can become addictive.

2.) A good friend has steadily gained weight over the winter, now that Spring has arrived politely hint that maybe they need to lose some weight.

Person #1: Is fat.

Person #2: Tries to politely hint at their weight problem. (The point of this exercise is to not be rude, and too direct.)


Tips for Person #1: 1.) You feel good and that is most important. 2.) Being thin is not important to you. Men like big girls.

Tips for Person #2: 1.) Remind them about your plans to go to the beach. 2.) Men/women don't talk to her as much as before. 3.) Her wardrobe doesn't fit her well anymore.

3.) Your boss unexpectedly asks you to work overtime on Saturday. Make an excuse to get out of working on Saturday.

Person #1: The boss.

Person #2: Doesn't want to work.


Tips For Person #1: 1.) Don't ask them to work Saturday...Tell them to. 2.) Stress that it is it very important that they work on Saturday.

Tips For Person #2: 1.) You have already made important plans. 2.) Be adamant that you can't work. 3.) Try to find a compromise.

4.) You just joined a new social club of your choice and don't know anyone. Try you best to make some friends and learn a little bit about the social club. (Pick anything of interest: photography, cooking, ESL, art.)

Person #1: New member at the social club.

Person #2: Long time member at the social club.


Tips For Person #1: 1.) Be polite and friendly. 2.) Introduce yourself as a new member. 3.) Remember the 5 W's (who, what when where, why.)

Tips For Person #2: 1.) Pretend to be knowledgeable about the social club. 2.) Be friendly and ask questions. 3.) Ask them about why they want to join?

5.) You just picked up a client from America at the bus terminal and are taking him/her to your company. All you know is his name is Mike and he is an engineer. Make small talk with him to feel comfortable.

Person #1: You work in South Korea and just picked him up.

Person #2: You are Mike, an American visiting South Korea on business for the first time.


Tips For Person #1: 1.) Try to be outgoing and welcoming. 2.) Ask them about their flight, where they will stay, and if they are hungry.

Tips For Person #2: 1.) Be excited to visit South Korea for the first time. 2.) Ask where you are going, and express that you are a little bit hungry and tired.

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "Small talk": Is informal conversation that is not serious and meant to make people feel comfortable with each other. The topic is always light and never private.

"He's my favorite delivery man. We always have a little bit of small talk before he goes on his way."

2.) "Hint at": Means to give a brief or indirect suggestion about something.

"I keep hinting at my boyfriend to buy me a new iPhone for my birthday but he just doesn't notice my suggestion."