Vocab Expansion #2

Difficulty Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Let's examine five new words to help expand our ever-growing vocabulary. Examine the new words and answer the questions to the best of your ability using full sentences.


Noun; the product of mental activity; an idea; to reflect and contemplate.

"I always thought about going back to school, but at my age it's starting to seem more and more less likely."

"After much thought, we decided to put the dog down."

I'm sorry for coming late. I thought the show started at 7 o'clock, not 6 o'clock.

Questions: Please use full sentences when answering the questions.

1.) What are you daydreaming the most about these days?

2.) Have you ever thought about going back to school or quitting your job?

3.) How do scary movies or action movies influence your thoughts? Do they ever leave you inspired or scared?

4.) What is something that you are putting off?

5.) Create several sentences using the word "thought".


Adjective; complete with every regard to detail; not partial, rather with great care.

"I usually skim through my textbooks for school. However, this science book is so well written that I read it thoroughly."

"You have to be thorough when you brush your teeth, otherwise you'll get cavities."

"Before I head out on a vacation, I always pack my bag thoroughly, making sure I don't forget anything of importance."

Questions: Please use full sentences when answering the questions.

1.) Are you thorough when you perform certain tasks or things? What are some things that you do thoroughly?

2.) What are some actions or things that you have been "half-assing" lately? Half-assed means to do something with poor quality, and not completing thoroughly.

3.) How much time and effort did you spend researching your university and major before deciding? Were you very thorough before making your decision?

4.) Make several sentences using the word "thorough".


Preposition & adverb; moving in one side and coming out of the other; working towards completion. We often use this word when speaking figuratively.

"After last nights argument, I think I am through with him."

"Walking through the tunnel at night can be quite scary."

"I didn't watch the whole movie. I walked into the theatre half way through it."

Questions: Please use full sentences when answering the questions.

1.) How do you know when you are through with a partner? What's the deciding factor?

2.) Have you ever gone through any difficult experiences in your life? (Financial, relationships, illnesses.)

3.) Do you get nervous going through security at airports? How about the process of going through a job interview? Is it difficult for you?

4.) Create several sentences using the word "through".


Verb; feeling disappointed over a lost or missed opportunity; feeling sad after saying or doing something you wish you hadn't.

"I regret to inform you that you failed our university entrance exam."

"I've always regretted not asking Jay out. He was always so kind and handsome, a little bit strange though."

"My girlfriend always craves cake, then she instantly regrets eating it afterwards."

Questions: Please use full sentences when answering the questions.

1.) What is something you said or did to someone that you really regret?

2.) Did you ever miss an opportunity, filling you with regret afterwards?

3.) Is there a hobby or sport you regret not trying or getting into because some people might find it strange?

4.) Create several sentences using the word "regret".


Adjective; having the highest standards possible; being flawless.

"The orchestras performance tonight was absolutely impeccable."

"Her skills as a make-up artist are impeccable. She can work wonders."

He is a perfectionist when it comes to his style. Everything has to be impeccable to him.

Questions: Please use full sentences when answering the questions.

1.) Are you considered extremely talented at anything? Are your skills impeccable?

2.) What is one skill that you wish you could perform impeccably well?

3.) Create several sentences using the word "impeccable".


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer from column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.) thought a.) perfect
2.) thorough b.) notion
3.) through c.) into and out of
4.) regret d.) comprehensive
5.) impeccable e.) remorse

Daily Expressions, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms:

1.) "Work/Do wonders": To do amazing things with a particular talent or skill.

"My stylist can work wonders with a pair or scissors." "If you give him enough time, and patience he can do wonders with a pencil and paper. His artwork is impeccable."

2.) "Put off": Avoid doing something.

"You were supposed to fix the sink last week. How long will you keep putting it off for?" "I'm sorry but we will have to put off our meeting until next week. Something came up."

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