Next, Next Day

Embarrassment level: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Never say "next, next day" when talking about a future date. It does not translate well and is confusing to English speakers. Instead say "in two days" or "two days from now."


"The package should arrive next, next day."

"I will probably go shopping next, next day, do you want to come?"

"My friend from New York will visit next, next day."


"The package should arrive in two days from now."

"I will probably go shopping in a couple days. Do you want to come?"

"My friend from New York will visit in two days."


This mistake comes from the Korean phrase "다다음날". However, it doesn't translate well into English. The most common form of the mistake comes from students saying "next, next day" but they also make this mistake when referring to weeks and months as well("next, next month").

The same rule applies when talking about previous days. Do not say: "Last, last day" or "yesterday, yesterday ago". Rather, say: "Two days ago" or "The day before yesterday." Both are correct and have the same meaning. Here is an example: "I tried to get tickets for the concert two days ago." or "The packaged arrived for you the day before yesterday."

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "cut down on": Means to reduce the amount of something you do or consume.

"I need to cut down on how much time I waste playing Starcraft. It's so time consuming."

"You should cut down on how much you spend on alcohol. You're blowing your paycheck on drinks!

2.) "cut out": Means to quit or remove completely from your life.

"I cut cigarettes out from my life two years ago and haven't been happier."

"You should cut him out of your life. He is a bad influence on you."