Personal Issues

Embarrassment level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

While not a big deal, remember that in Western cultures sharing information that is too personal is considered inappropriate or strange. Nobody wants to know about the diarrhea you had over the weekend.


"I won't be able to attend the meeting. Someone in my family died."

"My weekend was terrible. I had severe diarrhea after eating sushi so I spent the weekend next to the toilet."

"I didn't enjoy the date. He stank like cigarettes and was fat."


"I wont be able to attend the meeting due to personal reasons." / "I wont be able to attend the meeting due to a passing in the family."

"My weekend was terrible. I suffered from an upset stomach from some bad sushi."

"I didn't enjoy the date. He wasn't my type."


It is also worthy to note that being too blunt is considered rude in Western culture ("Wow you look so different did you gain weight?"). This is especially true in business settings. Try to completely avoid commenting on people's appearance, whether or not the comment is positive or negative, especially if you are a male commenting on the appearance of a female. Discussing someone's weight, makeup, clothing and style should be completely off limits.


  • Inappropriate: Not suitable or proper in the circumstances; impolite. "She dressed inappropriate for her job interview."
  • Severe: Something very bad in a large about; serious. "There is a very severe storm heading this way."
  • Stink: To have a strong unpleasant smell. Past tense is stank. "His breath stinks of garlic and onions."
  • Blunt: To speak very direct and straightforward. "My boss told me bluntly that I was doing a bad job."
  • "Off limits": Something that is unacceptable to discuss. A place that is restricted to go to. "Are you crazy? Asking a woman her weight is completely off limits!"

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "Passed away": Polite way of saying someone died.

"She's having a hard time at work since her father passed away last month."

2.) "Take after": To resemble in either appearance or personality.

"She takes after her mothers appearance and her fathers personality."